Client Testimonials


I wholeheartedly recommend Rachel von Doepp as a doula. Thanks to her expertise and her warm, encouraging presence, I had a birth experience that exceeded my highest hopes, and she has also been a tremendous help at home. Rachel was with me every step of the way, helping me get ready before hand and never leaving my side during the birth itself. I was apprehensive about the hospital and she coached me to focus on getting my birth team in place and getting ready for MY birth experience. This set me up to enter the hospital and the birth from a place of confidence, not fear. I leaned on her heavily during labor and she guided me through each contraction, breathing and counting with me so I didn’t need pain medication. After the baby was born, Rachel taught me skills I did not expect in a doula, but which have proven extremely helpful, such as how to carry the baby in a Moby wrap. Her contributions and personal spirit made a huge difference in the baby’s entrance to the world. -Sheira


My husband and I called Rachel our “Angel” — it felt like the whole household exhaled in relief the minute she walked through the door. We couldn’t have imagined a better fit for our family. Rachel was highly sensitive to our needs — she knew when to offer emotional support and when to jump in and read a book to our 4-year old. Rachel was tender and loving with my newborn and remained calm and patient even during the dreaded witching hour. Rachel brings insight, warmth and humor to her work. She is not only a gifted doula, but a fantastic person. -Kelly


Rachel was an absolute godsend after the arrival of our baby girl! She supported our entire family  (we also have a 3 1/2 year old boy)and helped us find our new balance and rhythm. Our older child regressed in all sorts of ways (potty training, sleep, behavior), and she not only reassured us of how normal these behaviors were, but offered so much insight into how to handle things. As a mom of three herself, she really knows her stuff! She’s very warm, approachable, and intuitive with the unique needs of each family. I don’t know how we would’ve survived those first few weeks without her!- Maggie


I am so grateful to have found Rachel!   I was terrified to be left alone with my three week old when my husband went back to work, I felt like I did not know what I was doing and I felt paralyzed.  Rachel was recommended to me by a friend and from the moment she walked through the door she put me at ease.  She suggested that I start creating a list of questions I had and fears that hung over me.  Every morning she arrived with her calming yet bright energy.  By the time she left I felt like I could do it!  I had tools, she called it filling my “tool belt” finding what works in a given situation and knowing that if it doesn’t there are other options in my belt.  She helped me organize my nursery, put together strollers, manage the breast pump and even figure out the Moby.  I felt more confident every time she left and I felt like I was gaining control and able to enjoy my baby and not dread the hours alone.  I don’t know how I could have managed without her! – Laurie


Rachel’s warm personality and nurturing demeanor put my daughter and I at ease right away. She has a tactful way of delivering advice to new moms that is always welcomed. Her vast knowledge of infant care has been invaluable. When my daughter is with Rachel I have piece of mind knowing that she is getting exceptional care. As a new mom, piece of mind is priceless.- Katelin