Labor & Birth Services

Rachel will meet you for a consultation during your pregnancy to answer and address any questions or concerns that you may have allowing for the opportunity ti assess if her support fits your needs. She will then meet with you two more times for personalized prenatal visits.  During these visits, Rachel can help you build your birth plan by listening to your desires for your labor and birth. She can provide objective information about topics that may be concerning you or that you would like more information on.  She can also introduce you to  relaxation techniques and give you tools to use during labor. Rachel is available to discuss the pros and cons of your options and will support the decisions you make.  Rachel will help provide the tools and  knowledge to help you  make empowered birth choices that are right for you and your baby.shutterstock_131198657

Labor Doula Services Include:

  • On-call support for you two weeks before and after your due date.
  • Telephone and email support.
  • Two prenatal visits to discuss your birth preferences, hopes, and fears.
  • Continuous support, advice, and advocacy through your labor, birth and immediate postpartum period
  • Pain coping support including massage, counter pressure, hydrotherapy, visualization, relaxation, and  aromatherapy.
  • Suggestions for positioning and movement during labor and birth.
  • Guidance and suggestions to avoid unnecessary medical interventions.
  • Continuous belief in your abilities.
  • Initial breastfeeding and newborn care support.
  • Ongoing support for your birth partner.
  • Two postpartum visits at your home.

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